The portfolio Manager and Tracker on Cardano Ecossystem
Stop controlling your portfolio in excel! Save time and convenience using an intelligent monitoring and analysis system.

How will this work? is an intelligent dashboard to monitor your wallet into Cardano Blockchain. We look at all transactions on the blockchain and present to you in a simple and organized way.


You need to hold PINT to use the smart wallet platform.

Perform transactions

We will account for your transactions in the blockchain automatically.

Stake in yield farms

We will monitor your staked tokens in verified projects too!

Check portfolios

Analyze the portfolio performance you want in one place with a simple and intuitive interface.

Roadmap Development
See our planning in the our documentation


PINT is the utility and governance token on Check out the many useful benefits you can get from (under development):

. Exclusive Features: Scale to gain access to unique tools.
. Staking: Participate in the PINT pools and earn exclusive rewards.
. Access: Access to an exclusive wallet tracker system and reports about Cardano Ecossystem

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